Storage Tips to Protect your RV & Boat

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The season is over, and it’s time to put your RV or boat in storage.  The first step is selecting the Landing on Lanier for secure and monitored storage of your boat or RV. You can prevent damage in the off-season with these RV and boat storage tips.

Inspect and clean all seals

You should wash and wax your RV or boat before storing it. Keeping the RV or boat clean will improve your ability to see any problems, such as cracks in caulking or seals. Waxing can help prevent UV damage as well as making cleaning easier the next time.

Keep the pests out!

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The last thing you need is to take your RV out for a trip, only to find out that you’re brought some uninvited guests with you.  The best way to prevent bugs and rodents is to keep them outside where they belong. You should close off any exterior openings, such as plumbing, furnace, and refrigerator vents with bug screens. For more detailed directions, see this page.

Protect your tires while in storage

rv boat storage tips -wheel cover

Even though your RV or boat may be covered overhead, have you protected your tires? Tire covers are an easy way to protect your tires from the sun’s harmful UV rays. UV damage can cause dry rot, creating cracks in the side wall which can lead to unexpected tire blowouts when you’re on the road.  Take time to inspect your tires before each trip, checking the tread and and looking for any cracks. Don’t forget to check your tire pressure as well! You can prevent flat spots in the tires by moving your RV or boat about every three months, or you can put blocks under your RV or boat to remove the weight on the tires.


rv boat storage tips - winterizeWe don’t get many nights of freezing weather in Georgia, but it only takes one time to cause major damage.  Make sure to winterize your RV or boat to prevent freezing of your pipes and water lines. You need to remove as much water from the system as possible. Check the water heater, fresh water, grey, and black water tanks, and open any drain plugs. Add antifreeze to those places where you can’t evacuate all the water, such as the drain traps under your sinks. It’s important to read your RV’s owner manual on the steps that your RV needs to be winterized. Some general winterizing information can be found here.

Fuel Stabilizer

rv boat storage tips - add fuel stabilizerIf your RV or boat uses gas, make sure to add fuel stabilizer (follow the manufacturers instructions).  Make sure to run the engine and generators so the the stabilizer can make it all the way though the system.  Fuel stabilizers work well, but moisture build-up can still occur during storage, causing damage to your generators.  You can prevent moisture build up by starting your generators and engine on a regular basis.  This regular usage will also lubricate the seals and components.

We can help!

If you would like help with washing, waxing, or winterization, let us know! We offer these services at competitive rates for your convenience.